Privacy Policy

Protecting your data, privacy and personal information is important to Mobile Doctor Co. Ltd(“MobileDoctor”). At MobileDoctor, we strongly believe that companies have a social responsibility to help society; provided that they can do so without sacrificing user privacy. All personal information obtained and maintained by MobileDoctor will be in compliance with applicable state and federal laws and regulations governing the security and confidentiality of such information.

We reserve the right to change, add, modify or remove portions of our Privacy Policy at any time.  Any changes to our Privacy Policy will become effective immediately and communicated through our Services via the last updated date set forth above.  Please continue to check our Privacy Policy from time to time to learn about any changes to our privacy practices. If applicable, and you would like to review, correct, update, or delete certain personal information that you have provided via the Services, please contact us. We will seek to comply with your request as soon as reasonably practicable.

This privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”), together with our Terms of Use and Conditions, represents Mobile Doctor’s privacy practices as it pertains to our websites (“Websites”), mobile applications (“Apps”), and any other online services Mobile Doctor may provide (collectively, the “Services”).  Please read this Privacy Policy carefully. By accepting this Privacy Policy or otherwise accessing, visiting or using the Services, you acknowledge and consent to the data collection and use practices described in this Privacy Policy.

1.Information Collected or Received

1) Profile information: Mobile Doctor collects minimal personal information to provide the Services

2) Account information: Username, password, e-mail address

2.Use of Personal Information

Mobile Doctor collects personal information for the following purposes. Personal information collected will not be used for any purpose other than the following purposes, and prior consent will be sought if the purpose of use is changed.

1)Profile information

①Purpose: To allow you to create a user profile within the Services, find password etc.

②Retention Period: Until end of service

2)Health data

①Purpose: To allow you to track your health history over time and to provide personalized illness guidance; to aggregate geographic illness trends; to use, solely in de-identifiable form, for research purposes to better understand the spread of infectious disease

②Retention Period: Until end of service

3)Geolocation / symptom-based information

①Purpose: To enable syncing of readings from the thermometer to the Services; to aggregate geographic illness trends; to use, solely in de-identifiable form, for research purposes to better understand the spread of infectious disease

②Retention Period: Until end of service

4)Records of inquiries and complaints/disputes

①Purpose: To confirm such inquiries, and to contact for investigation and results of processing

②Retention Period: Until end of service

3.Destruction of Personal Information

1)The user’s personal information is to be destroyed immediately once the purpose of the collection and use of personal information is fulfilled.

(1)Procedure of destruction

The following information is destroyed after being kept for a period of time (refer to retention period) from the date of user’s withdrawal from the Service. Personal information transferred to a separate DB shall not be used for any purpose other than the one held by law

(2)Method of destruction

①Personal information stored in electronic format is deleted using a technical method that prevents rollback.

②Personal information printed on paper format is shredded with a shredder or destroyed by incineration.

4. Provide personal information to a third party

1) MobileDoctor shall provide no personal information to any third party without user’s prior consent.

2) MobileDoctor provides the foregoing personal information to the third parties within a scope required to provide affiliated services to users, only upon user’s prior consent

3) We use and disclose personal information collected through the Services as we believe to be necessary or appropriate: (a) as required by applicable law, including laws outside your country of residence; (b) to comply with any legal process; (c) to enforce our Terms of Use; (d) to protect our rights, privacy, safety, or property, and/or that of our affiliates, you, or others; and (e) to allow us to pursue available remedies at law.

5. Your Privacy Rights

1)Right to know: Gives the user the right to request disclosure of information collected and shared, and the right to disclosure of categories of information sold by Mobile Doctor. Please use the contact information below for inquiries.

2)Right to delete: As a user you have the right to delete your user profile and associate personal information (name, email). Please use the contact information below for inquiries.

3)Right to opt-out: Mobile Doctor does not sell personal information (name, email) to third parties unless the user gives direct permission and consent. Please use the contact information below for inquiries.

6. Data Protection Officer

You may contact Mobile Doctor’s data protection officer regarding any issues related to processing of your personal information and to exercise your rights under applicable law regarding the processing of your personal information.

DirectorNamSoo OhMobile Doctor Co., Ltd/Directornamsoo@fevercoach.net02-6408-5577
OfficerBomi KimMobile Doctor Co., Ltd/PMbomi@fevercoach.net02-6408-5577
OfficerJiWoo LeeMobile Doctor Co., Ltd/PMjiwoo@fevercoach.net02-6408-5577

7. Mobile Doctor works hard to protect our users’ precious personal information.

1)Valuable personal information is handled by minimum personnel. Risk of personal information breach is minimized by assigning only a necessary handful of people to handle users’ personal information and by blocking work computers from accessing external internet services.

2)Mobile Doctor is not responsible for any incidents due to user’s negligence. Each user must properly manage his or her ID and password and take responsibility for it in order to protect his or her personal information.

3)For any other personal information loss, leakage, tampering, or damages caused by internal staff or technical defect, Mobile Doctor will immediately inform research participants and take appropriate measures.

4)A 24-hour monitoring system has been installed to detect and block any hacking attempts, and vaccine programs are being used to protect the system from the latest malware and viruses. Mobile Doctor is also continuously researching new security and anti-hacking technologies and applying the new technologies to our services.

8.Amendment to the Privacy Policy

1)Mobile Doctor may amend its Privacy Policy to reflect any legal or service changes. Mobile Doctor shall notify such amendment in advance, and the amended Privacy Policy shall take effect seven (7) days after the foregoing notification.

2)However, any major change in user rights, including personal information items to be collected and the purpose of collecting thereof, will be notified at least 30 days in advance.

 Questions regarding Privacy Protection

For any inquiries, complaints, feedback or other matters related to personal information protection which arise while you use the Services, please contact the Privacy Protection Officer or the responsible department. Mobile Doctor will do its best to listen to you and promptly answer any questions you may have.

Please make inquiries to the following organizations if you need to report or consult in regard to the violation of personal information.

KISA Report Center for Personal Information Breach

(Toll free)118

Cyber Crime Investigation, Supreme Prosecutors’ Office

(Toll free)1301

Cyber Terror Response Center, National Police Agency

(Toll free)182

Notification Date: July 9, 2021