Smart Group Care for Employers


Covid Coach is the world’s first personal health app paired with a symptom monitoring web application for community and enterprise. It maximizes the community’s management power over the COVID-19 epidemic.

Three elements of COVID COACH

Personal self-monitoring
health app

Community and factory
administrator mobile app

Nation and corporate-
wide epidemic
monitoring web application.


COVID Coach provides a system where employees could report their symptoms, body temperature, and whether they received the COVID test or not to the health manager.

Fighting against COVID-19

Through this data, employers and health managers could better understand the situation and give a more systematic response. We also notify the remaining quantity of personal protective equipment such as masks and sanitizers.


Health organizations such as CDC and the WHO recommend that return to work best practices should require employers to monitor employee health through testing, wellness checks, and self-reporting (where employees identify their health condition through an app)